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  • The WickBox™ is a Smart Food Growing (SFG) solution. Designed to simplify your gardening, allowing for higher yields with less water, indoors or outdoors and minimal effort.
  • Recycled Polypropylene plastic
  • UV Stabilised
  • Food Safe
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping anywhere in South Africa!
  • Free Subscription to the SFG App
  • More accessories coming soon!

with Castors without Castors

The WickBox™ is a self-watering Smart Food Growing (SFG) vegetable, herb, small fruit tree or flower growing box. Based on the Square Foot Gardening principles, a hugely popular vegetable growing method invented in the USA by civil engineer Mel Bartholomew. Mel loved vegetable gardening, and his skilled eyes led him to question the conventional row method of planting vegetables. Square Foot Gardening simplifies the gardening process, allowing higher yields to be grown in smaller spaces, with less water and minimal effort. The Square Foot Gardens are also visually attractive, making them suitable for applications close to or inside your house. With the WickBox™, it is possible to grow anywhere, even indoors!

The WickBox™ has a reservoir at the base of the raised bed, which captures and holds water. You can view the water level through the sight level attached to the reservoir. Should the water level get too high, you are able to easily decant some water from the reservoir, thereby ensuring that it does not overflow. It is the reservoir, and the attractive design of the box that make it suitable for indoor use. The WickBox™ has moulded fittings to house castor wheels(sold separately), enabling you to effortlessly move the box around in your home or office.

The WickBox™ has been purposefully designed to consist of several components. This enables the box to be flat-packed, which helps to bring the cost of transport down, and is also easy for you to handle. The components have also been designed to ensure that it is simple for anyone to assemble with minimal effort, and very quickly. The WickBox™ is an ideal gift for anyone in your life.

The SFG App is an additional tool and will provide guidance and inspiration to help you grow with both success and enjoyment. Learn about companion and competitor plants, the nutritional value of the various crops, planting dates, seed spacing, and tips to address pests organically.

We want people to grow their own nutritious food, ideally in home-made compost, saving you money, improving your nutrition intake and reducing your carbon footprint.

The WickBox™ is for everyone.

Product Specifications

689 mm
689 mm
519 mm
Water Volume
30 lt
Grow Medium Volume
135 dm3
Mass (empty)
9.80 kg
Mass (unplanted)
105.00 kg


with Castors
without Castors


Package Contents

  • Reservoir with Sight Level (x1)
  • Wicking Trays (x4)
  • Walls (x8)
  • 180° Connectors (x4)
  • 90° Connectors (x4)
  • Grid (x1)
  • Connecting Rods (x16)
  • Combing Corner (x4)
  • Combing Straight (x4)
  • Filler Pipe (x1)
  • Assembly Instructions (x1)

with Castors

  • Feet (x5)
  • Castor Wheels (x5)

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100% Happy

Size Purchased: with Castors

Brilliant product for growing vegetables, fruits or any plant. Easy to setup and simple to use.