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SFG aspires to be a leader in designing, developing and deploying planet and people-friendly vegetable, shrub and tree growing solutions.


Our mission is to see the mass adoption of our plant-growing solutions across the globe for the betterment of human lives and the natural environment. Green is good!

About Us

SFG Box (Pty) Ltd, trading as SFG Technologies, has developed Smart Food Growing (SFG) solutions. These world-class, effective and affordable climate-smart vegetable and small fruit tree growing solutions are applicable for:

  • Indoor use: flats, apartments, houses, greenhouses etc.
  • Outdoor use: passageways, courtyards, back yards, parking lots etc.

SFG Technologies will allow vegetable crops or small trees to be grown almost anywhere in a climate-smart, water-smart and cost-effective manner.

Who We Are

SFG Box (Pty) Ltd, is a South African registered company which is proudly 50% women owned, and 66% managed by women.

Cebie, Laurel and Andrew are the directors of SFG Box.

They have a burning passion to help people feed themselves with nutritious fruit and vegetables, the “SFG Box way!”


SFG won the agricultural recycled plastic product competition as well as the overall winner for the annual SAPRO (SA Plastics Recycling Organisation) award. 

Our products are good for the planet and for people!